ISOS Africa in Bloemfontein has allowed us to extend our reach and impact across different regions of the Free State province, South Africa. With our presence in the capital city, the organization now effectively collaborate with stakeholders, government agencies and other organizations to address specific challenges faced by communities in their areas. We are also establishing our branches in other townships, in collaboration with the local businesses to address the unique needs in those communities. We are grateful for the assistance of local municipalities and including stakeholders. 

Our expansion to various locations is aimed at increasing the organization’s reach to a wider network of beneficiaries and impacting underprivileged communities. Government recognizes the need for collaborative efforts between government agencies, community leaders, non-profit organizations, local businesses and community members for the success of socio-economic transformation. Therefore, ISOS Africa is leveraging these partnerships to tackle issues such as poverty alleviation, poor literacy, healthcare, social services delivery and rural development.